It is a well known fact that trace quantities of moisture can ruin medical devices whilst in transit. Moisture can also shorten the shelf-life of the devices and interfere with their effective working when used with patients.

SUPERDRYPAK™ silica gel is an ultra high performance desiccant designed to keep moisture-sensitive medical devices protected during shipping, during its packed shelf life, and even during its working life. It can also protect against oxygen and odour, depending upon the variant used. It is available in a variety of sachet sizes, and in loose beaded and crystal forms.

Any accidental moisture that penetrates the barrier film or pack will be adsorbed by the silica gel and locked away. ™ acts like a “wick” as the water vapour is drawn into the high internal surface area which can be compared to a sponge. The length of the shelf life depends upon the specific desiccant included in the package and the weight, together with the environmental conditions that the packaging is subjected to.

SUPERDRYPAK DESICCANT™ silica gel will adsorb moisture in exactly the same way as standard non-indicating (white) silica gel, but they will literally indicate when they are becoming saturated by changing their colour. This is useful in two ways. Firstly, a silica gel sachet or breather unit where the gel has changed colour, gives an immediate warning that it should be replaced. Secondly, if regenerating the silica gel, the self-indicating grade will be ready for reuse, when its original colour has returned. Read More

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